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Vendor Central owes you!

We make sure that Amazon Vendor Central sellers get every penny they’re entitled to from Amazon.

Amazon Vendor Central sellers:


we tell you exactly what to expect and deliver on what we promise


we have unmatched expertise in the field & are uniquely skilled at what we do


we’re dependable, reliable, and efficient - you can rely on our word

Resolve billing discrepancies

& recover lost funds.

We help Amazon Vendor Central sellers get the money that Amazon owes them. Due to the large volume of goods they sell, on average, 2% of sales can get lost - and that eats away at profit margins.


We review Vendor Central accounts - from when they were first created - with our proprietary algorithms & unique methodologies, find any payment discrepancies, and submit claims to Amazon with clear, incontrovertible proof, so that you get every penny you’re owed.

Cost & Pricing

A Risk-Free Proposition

Our “no recovery, no fee” model, means you have nothing to lose by trying it out. More importantly - you’re making back money you’d never have seen otherwise, while your fee for our services is a fixed 25% off the recovered funds.

Account Magician plays a vital role in my business, recovering tremendous amounts of money. This money is just where the profit margin of my business is. I'm in the right hands with this spectacular team!

Hershey Ausch

Joel of Account Magician is extremely attuned to my issues and every kink in Vendor central matters are always beautifully resolved... Having Joel on top of my Vendor Central account has made my business more profitable and even more importantly, has made my business that much more pleasant to run. No more Amazon headaches!"

Superio Brands

Being in the business for over nine years, I have never met anyone as competent in Vendor Central as Joel and his team. He reviewed my account with me, showing me all open items and clarifying issues in an exceptionally clear way. I'm delighted to be working with such a knowledgeable, accommodating, and Vendor Central savvy team!

Ari Hopstein

at Berry Health Shoppe


What Our Clients Are Saying

Account Magician was established to ensure that Amazon sellers on the Vendor Central marketplace get the money they’ve rightfully earned when they sell to Amazon directly.


We review the Amazon accounts and conduct meticulous audits to resolve discrepancies and get back every penny that Amazon vendors are entitled to.

Account Magician: Selling to Amazon made stress-free & profitable

About Account Magician

Vendor Central Financial Issues

recovered for our clients to date!

We’ve recovered over $15,000,000 in the last 24 months alone for dozens of clients just like you.


Contact us today for a no obligation review.

We don’t charge a penny unless we succeed in bringing you money. 

$15 Million+

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